Why Use Infrared?

Infrared heating comes with many advantages, the biggest of which is its energy efficiency, as it uses up to 60% less energy than convection heaters. On top of this, they contribute to cleaner air, they’re aesthetically nicer and require zero maintenance.

Save On Energy Use

Infrared warms up surfaces rather than the air. This requires up to 60% less energy than an equivalent convection radiator. In real terms, you could replace a 2kW electric convection heater with a 700w infrared heating panel, and still enjoy the same level of warmth.

Convection Heating

Infrared Heating

Save On Space

Radiators usually take up large amounts of wall space, and limit where you can arrange your furniture. Infrared panels on the other hand are just 22mm thick, and sit flush against your wall, high up like a piece of décor. Not only does this look nicer, but also frees up your entire floor space.

Zero Maintenance

Not only do traditional boilers require annual servicing, but there are any number of things that could go wrong with them. Infrared panels are electric, and have no moving parts. This means no servicing needed, and very little to go wrong otherwise. Just a wipe with a cloth every now and then is all that’s needed.

Easy Installation

Forget calling out plumbers or builders to install your heating – infrared panels are so simple that you can fit them yourself. All you need is a drill and everything else you need is included in the box. Use the standard 3-pin plug and you can go from cold to warm in less than an hour.

Healthier Heat

Conventional radiators circulate dust and germs because they circulate the air in your room. Infrared creates a much cleaner type of air, and makes the environment much more comfortable for this reason. IR can also help with blood flow too as the waves penetrate the skin by up to 3 inches.

Better Looking Heat

Your normal radiators are bulky and ugly, taking away from your décor rather than enhancing it. Infrared panels work the other way around, because they’re slim and come in a number of attractive designs. These can help extract the true potential of your interior décor, all whilst keeping you warm and saving you money.