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Our Range Of Infrared Panel Heaters

Having manufactured energy efficient products for 7 years, we’ve amassed a wealth of experience and are pioneers, helping introduce the technology to the UK.

White IR heating panels

The ideal heating solution for any room, White Infrared Heating Panels are versatile and discreet.

Frameless IR panel heaters

Ideal for both wall and ceiling installation, Frameless Infrared Panels are the last word in space-saving, energy-efficient heating.

image IR panel heaters

Available in a wide variety of sizes and featuring a whole host of great designs, Image IR Panels will change the way people heat their homes forever.

Custom IR panel heaters

The imagination is the only limit where Custom IR Panel Heaters are concerned, as any image under the sun can be printed on them.

Mirrored IR panel heaters

Especially suited to bathrooms, Mirrored IR Panel Heaters will never mist up no matter how steamy the atmosphere becomes.

coloured glass IR panel heaters

In black or white, Coloured Glass Infrared Panel Heaters will transform the décor of any room while providing energy-efficient warmth.

IR bar heaters

Stylish and discreet, IR Bar Heaters have more than enough power to heat even the largest of spaces.

thermostats & control

Our array of wireless thermostats will give complete control over IR Heaters, creating a warm, constantly heated environment.


A varied selection of great accessories is available to enhance the performance and versatility of IR Heaters.

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