Please find all our compliance certificates available to download and browse, so you know you're getting safe, reliable and robust heating.

Classic & Frameless IR Panels

Classic & Frameless CE-LVD Certification

Classic & Frameless CE-EMC Certification

Classic & Frameless RoHS Certification

Classic TUV Certification

Frameless TUV Certification

Nexus Wi-Fi IR Panels

Nexus Wi-Fi CE-RED Certification

Nexus Wi-Fi UKCA Certification

Nexus Wi-Fi RoHS Certification

NXT Gen IR Panels

NXT Gen CE-RED Certification

NXT Gen UKCA Certification

NXT Gen RoHS Certification

Towel Heater IR Panel

Towel Heater CE-LVD Certification

Towel Heater CE-EMC Certification

Towel Heater RoHS Certification

Glass & Mirror IR Panels

Glass & Mirror CE-LVD Certification

Glass & Mirror CE-EMC Certification

Glass & Mirror RoHS Certification

Zenos & Athena IR Bar Heaters

Zenos & Athena CE-LVD Certification

Zenos & Athena CE-EMC Certification

Zenos & Athena UKCA-LVD Certification

Zenos & Athena UKCA-EMC Certification

Zenos & Athena RoHS Report

Helios Non-Remote IR Bar Heaters

Helios Non-Remote CE-LVD Certification

Helios Non-Remote CE-EMC Certification

Helios Non-Remote UKCA-LVD Certification

Helios Non-Remote UKCA-EMC Certification

Helios Non-Remote RoHS Certification

Helios Remote Wi-Fi IR Bar Heaters

Helios Remote Wi-Fi CE-LVD Certification

Helios Remote Wi-Fi CE-EMC Certification

Helios Remote Wi-Fi UKCA-LVD Certification

Helios Remote Wi-Fi UKCA-EMC Certification

Helios Remote Wi-Fi RoHS Certification

Aurora Remote & Non-Remote IR Bar Heaters

Aurora CE-LVD Certification

Aurora CE-EMC Certification

Aurora UKCA-LVD Certification

Aurora UKCA-EMC Certification

Aurora RoHS Certification

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