Don’t just take our word for it – have a look at what our existing clients think of our infrared heating systems.

Rutland Hall Hotel & Spa

"It's really unusual to walk past a picture and feel the heat coming off it straightaway. It's a lovely surprise, and something that's really unique. In the room, you just feel cosy, it matches what you want to feel like in a countryside hotel."

The Rutland Hall Hotel & Spa outfitted every one of their rooms with Mirrorstone Image IR Panels, which not only adds to the decor, but also provides a sustainable way of keeping the graded building warm during winter.

Alex Adams (Titan Trailers)

"The caretaker is able to switch them on around an hour before the start of the day, and they get to a quite comfortable 19 degrees. While we were building the trailer, it actually got too hotfor us to work!"

Repurposing an old bus into a library for the pupils of St Margaret Clitherow’s Catholic Primary School, Alex used three 700W panels to keep it warm!

Phillip Clarke

“The panel was the perfect solution given that we also needed a mirror.”

Phillip purchased one of our stunning mirror panels for his bathroom to double as both a staple piece of furnishing and to keep him and his wife Marie toasty warm. This drastically reduces the cluttered look, of an already smaller space, as it stylishly combines the two.

Sarah Gibbs

“I went and experienced [Mirrorstone Infrared Heating panels] and was like ‘Wow this is a different kind of heat’. I feel quite different, it felt really cosy, felt warm from the inside – rather than that convection heat and I really felt the difference.”

After seeing one of our Infrared Heating panels in a friend’s fathers’ home, Sarah decided to have custom artwork printed onto a radiator for her psychotherapy room.

David Balshaw

“The Bar Heaters do a top-class job of keeping my entire yoga studio not just warm…but hot! I can crank up the temperature and really work up a sweat without feeling uncomfortable. Would highly recommend for any other fellow yoga enthusiasts.”

Inspired by his Hot Yoga class, David opt for two of our 2400W Bar Heaters to heat up his at-home yoga studio.

Gary Baker

"[The image] was taken by daughter on a holiday in centreparcs and takes pride of place in our new open plan kitchen/dining/lounge area and everybody is very impressed by it!"

One of the great things about our Custom Image IR Panels is how they let you treasure your memories forever. This is exactly what Gary did from a holiday at Centreparcs, and this moment now lives on their wall in the form of a stunning IR panel heater.

Chris & Beth Woods

"We have just received our third IR heater. We love them! This is our main heater in the lounge, just perfect for our park home. The picture keeps us warm too. Many thanks for your great products. Keep up the good work!"

We've got 100s of images available, but Chris and Beth opted for this stunning shot of the pyramids of Giza.

Adrian Risidore

"Best purchase we made when setting up our bar in the back garden (except the beer pump)."

We can't compete with a beer pump, but we're happy to take 2nd place with our Mirror Panel in Adrian's bar.

Mandy Hughes

"The only heating in my son’s house is two round infrared mirrors from you and the one in the bathroom which he loves."

The LED Backlit Mirror Panel really just finishes off this stunning new bathroom installation.

Robert Binnie

"Very pleased with the heater. Heats the 'man cave' very well and the WiFi control is great. Also doubles up as a projector screen. Great purchase."

Robert opted for a Nexus Wi-Fi IR Panel, which also doubles up as a screen for his projector!

Darrell Ingram

"We purchased five bar heaters from you. They are absolutely brilliant, thank you. Darrell."

Darrell was so please with the quality of his Helios IR Bar Heater that he went and bought five!

John Haseldon

"Thank you for the great heater panel, it works really well in my gym loft conversion."

John's choice of NXT Gen IR Panel Heater is a lot sleeker than a standard radiator.

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