Case Study 03

Read about how this home owner kept their patio warm for less than £3.50 a week using infrared heating.

Below is the floor plan for an outdoor patio area.

The seating area of the patio is approximately 3m x 3m, and needed to be warmed up so that it could be used in the evenings.

Calculating the size of the area gives us 9 square metres of space, and approximately 21.6 cubic metres of space from where the heater is mounted.

Given that this is an outdoor area, and has absolutely no insulation or enclosing walls, we multiplied the cubic space by 35, and then tripled it.

This gave us a total required wattage of 2268w.

This made the 2400w Aurora Remote Controllable Wi-Fi Bar Heater perfect for the area.

The owners of this house use their patio area twice per week on the weekends, throughout the whole year. Their heater is on for approximately 2 hours when they use it. This gives us 4 hours of weekly use.

We calculated their annual energy consumption for this heater, with a maximum energy cost of 36p per kWh, as follows:

Area Yearly Consumption(kWh) Cost(£)
Patio Area 499.2kWh £179.71

It’s also worth bearing in mind that this cost is more than likely inflated somewhat by the fact that they may not need to use the heater during the summer months, where, at worst, they will switch it on for a few minutes to lift any chill in the air.

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