What Is Infrared Heating?

Infrared is a totally natural type of heat that has existed since the beginning of time. It’s the type of heat that humans are supposed to be exposed to, given how prevalent it is in nature. It’s part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and works by heating objects rather than the air. This is the sensation you feel when you step into the sun on a summers day, and is the same sensation infrared heaters give you. For this reason, it uses less energy than conventional radiators to provide comparable levels of warmth.

Why Use Infrared?

Lower Energy Demands

Saves Space

Zero Maintenance

Easy Install

Case Studies

Infrared In The Real World

It’s very easy to make bold claims about infrared heating, but it’s even easier to make these claims when you find out how they perform in the real world. Real-world space savings, and real-world money savings too. We’ve picked out a handful of cases from our thousands of clients to highlight just how infrared heating works in real scenarios.

Getting Started With Infrared

On top of the lower energy consumption, and all of the other benefits, Mirrorstone Infrared is also totally flexible on which panels you can use throughout your home. With a massive six product ranges to choose from, infrared panels are suitable for every room in the home.

Take a look at our product range today and explore what infrared can do for you and your home.