Powerful Heating In A Modern Package

Mirrorstone Infrared Bar Heaters are the only option when looking for industrial level warmth for your commercial space, or large spaces in your own home. Heating up large areas needn’t be a concern anymore, with both standard and Wi-Fi options available for total control.

Your Options

Starting at 1.2kW and reaching up to 3kW, our sleek Zenos range and super powerful Athena range has every sized area comfortably covered.

Outstanding Power

Boasting industrial level heat in a compact body, our IR Bar Heaters are ready to warm up any area you need.

Easy Outdoor Heating

With IP44 and IP65 ratings for our Zenos and Athena ranges respectively, keeping your patio warm has never been easier.

Easy Control

Opt for our remote-control variants, and you’ll also be able to take advantage of Wi-Fi connectivity too.

Near Instant Heat

Our Athena Bar Heaters beam out their intense warmth within seconds, perfect for patio areas or anywhere outdoors.

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Choosing The Right Bar Heater


Clean and sleek infrared heat in a modern design, Zenos is ideal for large indoor spaces.


Utilise the power of near infrared for instantaneous heat, perfect for outdoor settings.

Zenos Remote Control with Wi-Fi

Featuring built-in thermostat and remote, with Wi-Fi connectivity for distance control.

Athena Remote Control with Wi-Fi

Bring near instant warmth to open or outdoor spaces with our powerful Athena range.

Why Choose IR Bar Heaters?

Bar Heaters are a sleek and efficient way of keeping large open spaces warm, at a fraction of the cost of standard convection heaters. Both Zenos and Athena ranges come in standard and remote Wi-Fi configurations, giving you full flexibility in how you want to control your heating.

Compatible With...

Compatible with Amazon Alexa
Compatible with Google Assistant

Also Available

Helios & Aurora IR Bar Heaters

Our Classic Helios & Aurora ranges also provide efficient IR heat. Helios is great for large or open indoor spaces like garages, offices or outhouses, whereas Aurora is best for outdoor spaces like gardens, patios and pergolas. Both come in non-remote and remote Wi-Fi variants.

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