Terms & Conditions

By browsing and ordering from Mirrorstone Heating, the reseller agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions out- lined below.

The Contract For The Supply of Goods and Services

Any display of goods and/or services on the website for Mirrorstone Heating constitutes an invitation to treat only. It is not an offer for sale of products or services at any price indicated.

No contract for the supply of goods and/or services is deemed to exist between the customer and Mirrorstone Heating, as Mirrorstone Heating does not supply the goods or services directly to the end user, instead doing so through third party resellers and wholesalers.

Mirrorstone Heating is free to disengage from any prospective contract with its third party resellers and wholesalers at any time prior to its acceptance. The freedom to disengage from the said contract also applies in any occurrence of an error or inaccuracy in the respect of the goods and/or services, the relevant information to the goods and/or services eg. description, the availability of the goods and/or services as well as the order itself.

Any price and/or availability of any good and/or service is subject to change without notice.

Warranty Policy

Mirrorstone Heating provides a 2-year warranty on all Infrared Heating Panels. This warranty activates from the moment a customer places an order.

Mirrorstone Infrared Panels that suffer failure within the warranty period should be returned to us for inspection and testing, after which we will either repair or replace the item depending on:

- The total usage of the item up to the point of return;

- The condition of the panel upon arrival at our place of business.

Should a panel(s) suffer damage in transit, Mirrorstone Heating is not liable for any damages, nor obliged to replace any damaged panel(s). This responsibility falls on the sender and the courier to ensure that the panel(s) are returned to us in an acceptable condition.

Mirrorstone Heating strongly recommends emailing images of the item prior to its sending.

Our warranty policy covers you against any failures that occur while the panels are being used in the manner for which they’re intended. Any misuse, modification or alteration made to Mirrorstone panels will void their warranty and failures will not be rectified.

Returns Policy

All Mirrorstone Infrared Heating Panels are covered by the Returns and Exchanges period specified by the store from which you place your order, as Mirrorstone Heating does not sell direct to the end user.

Should you receive a product that is dead on arrival, the customer shall notify the store from which the order was placed. Should a resolution not be achieved over the phone, Mirrorstone Heating will arrange for a collection the next working day. Any modified, tampered with or altered panels will not be eligible for return, as the warranty will have become void.

Mirrorstone Heating is not obliged in any way to refund orders outside of the 14 day returns and exchanges period. Mirrorstone Heating does not accept any liability for failures or delays arising either partially or wholly due to an Act of God, Fire, Explosion, Riot, Civil Commotion, Restriction by Government or other competent authorities, Strikes, Lock Outs, Failures in supplies or any other cause outside of its control.

Ordering A Custom Printed Panel

Mirrorstone Heating offers the fastest custom IR panel printing service in the UK, with a lead time of just 7-10 days. The process for customers to order custom image panels is simple.

1 – The customer places an order for a custom image IR panel.

2 – The customer emails the image they would like printed, as well as their order number to images@mirrorstoneheating.co.uk

3 – Mirrorstone Heating will check the image to ensure it is of a high enough resolution for print. In the event of any problems, Mirrorstone Heating will contact the customer directly to rectify any issues. If the image is good and the customer has approved the final proof, Mirrorstone will proceed with the manufacture and printing of the IR panel.

4 – Once the panel is complete, Mirrorstone will send it to the customer.

It should be noted that Custom Image IR Panels are not included in the 14 day refunds and exchanges policy due to the custom nature of the item.

Shipping Policy

Any orders for less than £250 in value will have shipping charges of £7.99 applied to them. Orders exceeding £250 in value will be shipped at no additional charge. All orders will be shipped via a next day FedEx service. Whilst orders within the UK are delivered within the 24 hour period 95% of the time, it is not always guaranteed, so please allow for any delays. Mirrorstone Heating is not responsible for any delayed orders after they have been dispatched. International shipping is available, however this should be arranged prior to an order being placed. All orders will be confirmed via email, and will have a unique tracking number included. The tracking number can be used to monitor the progress of the delivery. Should you fail to receive your order, the reseller should notify Mirrorstone as soon as possible to facilitate an investigation of the circumstances. Should an order arrive in a damaged condition to the reseller, Mirrorstone asks that you reject the delivery and have it returned. Mirrorstone should be notified of this within 24 hours, otherwise no replacement can be authorised.