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How does Infrared Heating Work?

Here is a short demonstration video of how infrared heating panels work

Infrared panels emit a series of waves from their surface when they’re on.

These waves travel throughout a room at the speed of light until they hit an object (this could be a wall, a piece of furniture, or even you).

At this point, the object absorbs some of the heat energy from the waves, whilst the rest bounce off.

The energy absorbed by the object is radiated back out, whilst the waves continue to bounce around the room until all the energy contained within has been exhausted.

Within a few minutes, every object in the room is warm, and radiates small amounts of heat, turning the entire room into what is known as a “thermal mass” – the panels heat the objects in a room, rather than the air.

The process repeats until the room reaches a comfortable temperature, and the user switches off the heater.

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