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About IR Heating

Infrared is all around us. It exists on the electromagnetic spectrum – which is also home to things like x-rays, radio waves, and even visible light. The only difference between the various types of energy is the wavelength – or the distance between each ‘peak’ in the wave.

All these are naturally occurring, and just like x-rays are used for hospital scans, radio waves are used for communication, and visible light allows us to see things, infrared is used for heat – we cannot see or hear it, but we feel it.

It is in fact the same kind of heat emitted by the sun – approximately 50% of the sun’s energy is infrared! Infrared panels do however lack the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Along with all the other types of electromagnetic energy, infrared travels in the form of waves at the speed of light, so they have little bearing on the particles of air that surround us all the time.

This then is the key difference between infrared heating and standard radiators – one uses infrared and the other uses convection currents, and this is the reason why the tech is set to revolutionise millions of homes up and down the country.

It provides a more direct type of heat that warms objects rather than the air. This brings a huge number of advantages with it – and all of them come packaged in a sleek and slim 22mm thick panel that is aesthetically far more pleasing than conventional radiators.

How Does Infrared Heating Work?

Infrared works in a fundamentally different way to convection heaters. Convection radiators heat up the air around them, and create what is known as a convection current – this is simply hot and cold air circulating as the respective temperatures of each change.

What this also does is circulate dust and germs around a room, which isn’t good for the 5.4 million people who suffer from respiratory issues in the UK. That aside, it also creates a hugely stuffy atmosphere which can become uncomfortable.

Infrared changes everything. The waves travel from the panel until they hit an object – this could be a wall, a piece of furniture, or even a person. The object absorbs some of the energy, whilst the rest of the waves bounce off. This process repeats until all the energy in the waves has been exhausted.

The key difference is that infrared works by heating objects and surface area, whilst convection heaters heat volumes of air. This brings many advantages – it takes far more energy to heat air than it does surface area, simply because there is always going to be more of it in any given room.

Customers can enjoy a far higher quality of air too, as there is no dust or germs being circulated with infrared. In fact, infrared is so safe and beneficial that many health spas are now including infrared therapy in their treatment plans! These are just a handful of many reasons why this is the perfect time to enter the infrared heating market and become an authorised reseller.

See How It Works

what does an
infrared panel look like?

Mirrorstone Infrared heating panels are incredibly simple both in terms of their construction and operation.

As one of our resellers you’ll be showing your customers just how simple they are, so here’s a brief rundown of an Infrared Heating Panel’s constituent parts:

  • The panel itself is made from a material called Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).

  • Behind the panel there’s a printed element and a layer of insulation. Extremely thin yet exceptionally strong and durable, the element is the part of the unit that generates heat.

  • An aluminium sheet encloses the element, providing the panel with additional insulation and protection.

  • Two sturdy aluminium mounting brackets are attached securely to the rear of the panel. Each has two cross-hair bolt holes to enable a simple installation.

The advantages of Infrared Panel Heaters you’ll discover as a reseller include:

Their simple construction means there’s very little that can possibly go wrong with them, so you’ll never have to deal with malfunction-related customer returns.

Despite reaching a temperature of up to 115°C, the panel will never harm anyone’s skin if accidentally touched. This means you’ll never receive complaints about incidents of burning or scalding.

Just 22mm thick, Infrared Panel Heaters are incredibly convenient to store prior to sale, taking up hardly any room in your warehouse.

They’ll also occupy very little space in your showroom. So, whether you decide to display yours on the wall, the ceiling or as a free-standing floor heater it won’t dominate to room.

Also due to their dimensions, Infrared Panel Heaters are both easy and inexpensive to ship, thus reducing expenditure, thereby making the system even more attractive to customers.

Mirrorstone Infrared Panel Heaters are supplied complete with a 5-Year Warranty that will give customers even more confidence in the product going forward.

Top 10 advantages of IR Heating

Infrared heating technology is relatively new to this country but has been around for years in Continental Europe. But when people in the UK begin to appreciate how great it is there will be a rush, so now’s the time to get on board and become a Mirrorstone reseller!

However, if you haven’t yet heard about all the advantages of Infrared Heating, take a look at this list of the top 10:

I. The Future of Heating

Infrared is a revolutionary form of heating that heats the objects in a room rather than the air as traditional heaters do. It represents the future of heating both domestic and commercial and, as such, it isn’t too late to become one of Mirrorstone’s trusted partners.

II. Energy and Money-Saving

Using a new way of heating, Infrared consumes a great deal less energy and will save customers up to 60% on their electricity bills, which is what everyone wants to hear!

III. No Maintenance Required

Unbelievably simple, IR Panel Heaters contain no moving parts so there’s very little that can go wrong with them. This vastly reduces the need for costly maintenance or customer returns on the grounds of a component failure.

IV. Extremely Long-Lasting

Customers will be extremely impressed when they realise just how long IR Heating Panels last. Indeed, their lifespan of up to 25 years will be a major selling point.

V. Kind to the Environment

Environmentally conscious customers will be very glad to learn that they’ll be able to reduce their carbon footprint with Infrared Heaters, as they’re made from recyclable materials and produce no CO2.

VI. Completely Safe

Infrared Panel Heaters are 100% safe, utilising the same the same type of electromagnetic waves with which the sun heats the earth. We’re already using infrared technology at home in our TV remote controllers, while German and Austrian hospitals and care homes have been wholeheartedly embracing the heating technology for years!

VII. Healthier Heating

Customers in your showroom will have the opportunity to feel the dry, constant heat that Mirrorstone IR Panels produce. It reduces atmospheric moisture, eradicates mould and is great for the circulation too!

VIII. Discreet Heaters

Infrared Heating Panels can be hidden in plain sight high up on a wall or a ceiling. They’ll be a great surprise for visitors to your showroom because, at first, they won’t understand where the heat is coming from.

IX. Space-Saving and Easy to Store

The amount of space IR Heating Panels can save is a definite game changer for forward-thinking buyers with smart, modern homes. Just 22mm thick, IR Panel Heaters can be installed out of the way on a wall or a ceiling and will take up hardly any room when stored in your warehouse!

X. 5-Year Warranty

We’re massively confident to supply Mirrorstone Infrared Heating Panels complete with a 5-year warranty so, as a reseller, you can be confident in them as well! Why not get a sample/starter kit and begin selling Mirrorstone IR Heaters today?