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Here at Mirrorstone Heating, our entire infrastructure is set up in a way that guarantees a flexible relationship with all our partners. A huge 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse, an ever expanding range of 250+ products and over 7 years of manufacturing energy efficient home appliances means that we can always find a way of working with you.

This means that no matter whether you’re a multinational retailer of home electrical appliances, or you’re an electrician looking for a heating solution for a project you’re working on, we can work with you to meet your needs regardless of the scope.

So if you're working as any of the following:

If you’re in any other profession that would enable you to distribute Mirrorstone panels or benefit from using our heaters for your clients, then get in touch with us to become an authorised partner today, where you’ll benefit from:

Wholesale price discounts

priority dispatch

A Dedicated Account Manager

Want to join the heating revolution?

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What you get

Established back in 2010, Mirrorstone Heating has a proven track record of providing energy efficient products of the very highest quality.

This has enabled us to build a knowledge base and a supply infrastructure that’s second to none.

So, if you’re not yet 100% certain of the considerable benefits of working with us and becoming our selling partner, we’ve prepared a list of the advantages for you.

When you become our selling partner, you’ll have the benefit of our 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Leicester. It houses an enormous amount of stock which runs to well over 250 different Infrared heating products.

We have one of the largest and most comprehensive selections of Infrared heating products on the market. And we have the fastest dispatch time of any UK company at just 7 days for the Custom Printed IR Panels!

You’ll get a welcome pack with all the promotional materials needed to make reselling our IR products a huge success, including information and promotional materials like catalogues, brochures, leaflets and business cards.

Our distribution centre in the heart of the UK processes and dispatches customer and reseller orders, so you’ll never have to worry about fulfilling demand accurately and on time.

Mirrorstone is the manufacturer and this means we’ll be able to offer our Mirrorstone branded Infrared Heating Products to you, our resellers at the best, most competitive prices available on the market today.

We’re so happy with the quality of the Infrared heating systems you’ll be selling that we offer them with a 5-year Mirrorstone Warranty as standard!

We pride ourselves on our fast dispatch time. Our dedicated staff and state-of-the-art stock control system ensure that no order, however large, is too much for us to handle.

As a reseller, you’ll be given all the support you need from one of our 10 dedicated Account Managers who’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

As one of the valued resellers of our premium Mirrorstone branded Infrared Heating Panels, your minimum order will be £250 and, as a thank you, we’ve made it so you don’t have to pay a penny for shipping!

Why not take a look at how to become a reseller and start selling our products?

why sell infrared heating

Infrared Heating Panels are the future of both domestic and commercial heating. This revolutionary product is set to be a market changer, with millions of homeowners around the country expected to adopt the technology in the coming years. If you’re not sure about the benefits of working with us and distributing infrared panels, we’ve listed some of the reasons why below.

we provide everything you need

Upon becoming a Mirrorstone partner, we’ll send you a starter pack including an actual panel, catalogues, business cards and more. On top of that, a dedicated account manager will be on hand for you should you have any questions, queries or problems.

7 day dispatch for image panels

Our streamlined process from warehouse all the way through to dispatch means we have the quickest Custom Image IR Panel lead time in the UK of just 7 days.

zero maintenance

The lack of moving parts in our ground-breaking IR panels ensures that customers don’t need to service them like conventional boilers. This also makes them incredibly reliable, giving them lifespans of up to 100,000 hours – or roughly 25-30 years depending on how much they’re in use.

a strong infrastructure

Our 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse allows us to hold enough stock no matter how large your orders are. This means you’ll never have to worry about making false promises to customers, with our state-of-the-art control software enabling us to keep on top of everything.

the future is now

IR heating started in mainland Europe in Austria and Germany. The tech is very quickly spreading throughout the rest of Europe and into the UK, making this the perfect time to jump into the market and take advantage of the rapid growth that IR heating is undergoing.

discreet and space saving

Normal radiators are bulky and stand out. IR panel heaters are anything but. At just 22mm thick, they’re barely thicker than a box of paracetamol, and can be installed high up on the wall or even on the ceiling. This saves space, as customers can place their furniture anywhere along the wall, without the worry of anything blocking a radiator.

5 year warranty

You needn’t worry about complaints coming back about our heaters – should any unlikely problems arise, we offer a 5 year warranty that you can pass onto your customers.

easy installation

Our innovative panels come with everything that customers need for a smooth installation right out of the box: a panel, screws, wall plugs, drill template and warranty card. The install itself takes less than an hour, and customers only need very basic DIY skills.

healthier heat

Standard radiators create a convection current that circulates dust and germs, which isn’t good for anyone, especially for those who suffer from respiratory issues. IR heat creates a much drier heat which ultimately is far better for customers and their homes, as it eliminates any mould or damp.

7 years of experience

We’ve been manufacturing and supplying energy efficient products for over 7 years, giving us a wealth of experience and knowledge of what the 21st century customer is looking for. All this information and experience is yours to take advantage of when speaking to your clients.

energy efficient heating

Infrared works by heating objects instead of the air. This is far more efficient, as it takes less energy to do this, simply because there is less surface area than there is volume of air in any given room. Customers can save up to 60% on their energy bills as a result.

infrared heating is 100% safe

Believe it or not, infrared is all around us. Not only do most remote controllers use infrared, but every time we step outside, we’re bathed in IR heat from the sun – so it’s completely natural too. They do of course lack any UV rays unlike the sun, so customers don’t need to worry about that.

trade discounts

Becoming an authorised partner grants you exclusive discounts giving you a higher margin.

better for the environment

The reduced energy consumption also means that there is less strain put on the environment, with massively reduced carbon footprints. The panels themselves are also made entirely from recyclable materials, so even when they come to the end of their 100,000 hour lifespans, they continue to be environmentally friendly.

future proof your home

Every new piece of technology that comes out now is smart, and our Mirrorstone panels are fully compatible with the future. This allows customers to integrate our infrared panels into their existing smart systems, giving them control from anywhere in the world. They’re fully compatible with smart systems made by Salus, Honeywell, Hive and Nest.

With this in mind, why not check out our product range so that you can see how this all works in action?

Get Started?

When you become one of our Mirrorstone partners, you’ll be given a kit with everything in it that you’ll need to get you started as a reseller.

In the Kit You’ll Receive:

  • A Mirrorstone 600W or 720W Infrared Heating Panel
  • A set of informational Leaflets for your customers to take away with them and use to learn more about Infrared Heating Systems.
  • A Mirrorstone 5-Year Warranty Certificate.
  • A Reseller Catalogue containing all the technical information necessary to gain an in-depth knowledge of the Infrared Heating Products you’ll be selling.
  • A number of End-User Catalogues specifically tailored to the informational requirements of your customers.
  • Business Cards showing details of who to contact should issues arise with regard to returns and refunds.
  • A wide variety of promotional materials, including Mirrorstone-branded pens, Mirrorstone Post-it Notes and other assorted stationery.

How to get hold of a kit

  • Create an on-line Mirrorstone Trade Account. This can be achieved by completing an on-line form or over the phone with one of our 10 Account Managers.
  • Place your order for the Starter Kit and make the £150.00 one-off initial payment.
  • Await its arrival, read the reseller terms and conditions and begin selling!

Please note, your £150.00 payment is refundable, provided you let us know within 30 days of your initial order. Simply contact your designated Account Manager to arrange.

Get a starter kit